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The Simple Photo Animator is made to easily animate your simple photos with only a few clicks (in FullHD). All you need to do is draw a rough background mask and choose a preset. It is really that easy! Take a look at the tutorials and the UI of the script below and see for yourself.

Simple Photo Animator - 2 Simple Photo Animator - 3

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Simple Photo Animator - 5 The controls are self-explanatory. No need to learn complex tools or a ton of hidden features. The most essential functions a Photo Animator must have are packed into this tool with the goal to easily get super fast results. Simple Photo Animator - 6
Besides the script you find a few other controls within the AEP-file. Here you have a layer for your text which can be placed at any depth you like. Or it can be used for your own particles. Also included is the possibility to add camera blur.

Simple Photo Animator - 7 As another great feature all animation presets can be made loopable so you can create backgrounds or cinemagraphs for your website!

Simple Photo Animator - 8 Simple Photo Animator - 9 Simple Photo Animator - 10

Simple Photo Animator - 11 Simple Photo Animator - 12 So what are “simple” photos? Simple photos are photographs without objects covering the background. If a photo has objects in it that cover the background this most likely means that you have to mask that object in order to tell your Photo Animator what’s the object and what’s the background. Otherwise the object would get distorted. My professional Photo Animator (v5 PRO) is made for such tasks and with it you even have the possibility to give the impression of turning the objects. But it takes some time. The Simple Photo Animator on the other hand is made to animate simple pictures within seconds. High resolution pictures are recommended. The output resolution of the Simple Photo Animator is FullHD.

Simple Photo Animator - 13 Besides having the very easy to use features for simple photos, there are also powerfull advanced features: Object placement and advanced masking.

Object Placement
Easily add objects to your simple photos. Besides being able to place objects on the text-layer you can use any of 8 existing layers to add your objects or dust, particles, rain, et cetera.
Simple Photo Animator - 14

Advanced Masking
If your photo doens’t qualify of being simple use the advanced masking techique to define more accurate depth masks. Simple Photo Animator - 15

Simple Photo Animator - 16 All tutorials are available online for you to watch, so you know exactly what you get:

Tutorial 1: Main Tutorial
Tutorial 2: Object Placement
Tutorial 3: Advanced Masking

Simple Photo Animator - 17

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Simple Photo Animator
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