Fragments | 2000+ Animated 2D Elements

Fragments | 2000+ Animated 2D Elements – Free Download After Effects Templates


Fragments | 2000+ Animated 2D Elements - 3 Fragments | 2000+ Animated 2D Elements - 4 Fragments | 2000+ Animated 2D Elements - 5 Fragments | 2000+ Animated 2D Elements - 6

Create unique animation using premade animated elements, which are entirely created inside of After Effects.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to present the FRAGMENTS. This is one of the largest packages with 2D Elements, which are fully customizable, resizable and containing In and Out animation. All the elements have identical structure, which makes it really easy to understand the principle of their work. Fragments | 2000+ Animated 2D Elements - 7 You can use free Motion Bro extension. With the help of Motion Bro extension, you will no longer need pre-rendering to merely see the element you have chosen. You will see all the animated elements in a separate window without delay.


  • You can download the latest version of the extension free of charge here.
  • Works in After Effects CC 2020 and upwards.
  • All the elements are made using vector elements. It means that you can change sizes to your liking with no quality loss.
  • All the elements have color controls, which means you can easily change all the colors in one place.
  • Works with Motion Bro Extension. All the elements with animated previews can be easily used. You can add each of the elements to the bookmarks. All the elements are divided into categories for easy search.
  • Huge free updates coming in the nearest future.
  • Fragments are entirely created inside of After Effects. Therefore, you can take any parts of any elements, change all the text, fonts or effects and use them in your unique Element. Alternatively, you can customize some of the parts in any way you want. Be creative and find a different way of using all of the mentioned above.

Today it is one of the largest 2D packages on the market. What is more, it is one of the few bundles on the market which includes Extension panel for easy using.

30+ different categories with more than 2k elements:

  1. Animals.
  2. Backgrounds.
  3. Countries.
  4. Destruction.
  5. Educations.
  6. Emoticons.
  7. Finance.
  8. Flags.
  9. Food.
  10. Holidays.
  11. Houses.
  12. Interior Elements.
  13. Landscape Objects.
  14. Miscellaneous.
  15. Music.
  16. Panoramas.
  17. People.
  18. Plants.
  19. Premade Scenes.
  20. Simple Icons.
  21. Social Media Icons.
  22. Sport.
  23. Street Objects.
  24. Technology.
  25. Textures.
  26. Transitions. (v1.2)
  27. Transport.
  28. Travels.
  29. Typefaces.
  30. Video.
  31. Weapons.
Fragments | 2000+ Animated 2D Elements
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